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  • Day 3: DIY Santa Cruz Trek


    May 21, 2016 Warning: Tons of donkey photos. Have you seen a donkey up close? Have you seen super cute donkeys up close? Their cuteness is life-changing. Donkeys, like cows, in the mountains are very common. They are the secret weapon of any good outfitter. Tourists joining group tours have to thank not only their guides […]

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  • Day 1: DIY Santa Cruz Trek

    Santa Cruz Trek

    May 19, 2016 Preparing for a multi-day hike can be quite stressful. There’s always the logistics and the physical concerns. Plus this is Santa Cruk circuit! Given our (lack of) budget, we try to do most of our hikes independently. This allows us to move in our own pace and cut down on expenses. The downside is […]

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  • DIY Guide To Laguna Churup Dayhike


    After spending a full day resting/researching/going around the center of Huaraz, we believed we were both ready to tackle our first dayhike. We chose Laguna Churup for our acclimatisation dayhike mainly for its: distance: relatively closer to Huaraz therefore easier to plan; and lower altitude: Laguna Churup is 4,450m compared to Laguna 69’s 4,600m (okay those 150m […]

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  • Huaraz: Peru’s Trekking Mecca


    We made it to Huaraz! In our 2014 trip to SA, we skipped Huaraz because it was too time consuming for us. All activities revolve around trekking, hiking, ice climbing, camping, etc. no wonder it’s called the trekking capital of Peru. Indeed, Huaraz is a trekking paradise to every adrenaline junkie out there! Huaraz is nestled […]