About Mac & Cheese


Mac and Cheese are JC and Mariela, an engaged Filipino couple who’ve been traveling together since 2009, mostly locally and around South East Asia.


Apo Island, Dauin, Negros Oriental
Swimming with a turtle in Apo Island

JC likes going on adventures, discovering the history and culture of different places, tasting various cuisines and following Anthony Bourdain’s trail – eating where he has previously gone.

He has a knack for sleeping anywhere at any given time, considers himself a very competitive person when it comes in games and sports. He loves supporting the Philippine national teams.

He hopes of seeing a grizzly bear and a gorilla one day.


At the summit of Bud Bongao, the highest peak in Tawi-Tawi, Philippines.

Mariela views herself a late bloomer. She learned how to ride a bicycle when she was 23, had her first airplane ride (and kissed a boy!) at 24. She has no qualms roughing it up, eating bugs, or occasionally getting lost.

She likes figuring public transportation systems abroad, hiking, planning ITs, giving directions, TURTLES, reading, visiting museums, sending and receiving postcards, ICE CREAM, meeting fellow travelers on the road, and trying out local foods among many things.

She dreams of hiking Machu Picchu, witnessing the aurora borealis preferably on a Scandinavian country, cycling Khardung La, and stepping inside one of the many chambers of the Egyptian pyramids.

Together, they wish to visit all 81 provinces of the Philippines.

Taraw Ridge, El Nido, Philippines
Overlooking Bacuit Bay from Taraw Ridge

This travel blog will chronicled their first venture outside of Asia (as well as previous trips and succeeding destinations after South America). A dream adventure two and a half years in the making… to pursue a childhood dream.

Mac and Cheese went back in South America for a year-long travel. Yes, after (almost) two years they were able to keep their promise: come back to the massive continent for a sequel of an ultimate travel journey. Read about their new adventures and mishaps on the road.

CURRENTLY IN: Manila, Philippines (arrived May 18, 2017)


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