How To Commute From Miraflores to Lima Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chávez)

After being on my own for 4 1/2 months, JC finally joined me last May 13 in Lima. While this was a celebration in itself, it dawned on me that I had to pick him up from the airport which meant spending a bit cash. And so, ever the scrimp, my quest to find the cheapest way to get to Lima airport began.

It’s funny how in the internet, when you searched for how to commute from Lima airport to downtown Miraflores, 90% of the result discourages you to take the bus to and from the airport. They view public commuting to the airport as very unsafe, suggesting instead to take the airport taxis.

Since there are very little information floating around, it seemed that almost everyone takes a cab out of the airport. Not me. I was determined to find a way to spend less and I’m happy to report that I found a way! It’s SAFE and VERY CHEAP. I want other budget backpackers like me to have another option so I’m sharing how I did it.

Three days before JC’s arrival I walked to the corner of Avenida Jose Pardo and Avenida Grau in Miraflores. (Note: at the time I was living in Barranco area but haven’t really figured out the buses that go to Miraflores so I walked instead and it took me 45 minutes lol. Most backpackers stay in Miraflores area anyway so it shouldn’t be a problem if you are). I sat in one of the benches there, waited for the blue buses with the FAUCETT sign written on it. According to the one and only notable forum I found in the internet, those blue buses pass by near the airport. Exactly how near I would find out soon.

how to commute from Miraflores to Lima International Airport

While waiting, I took note of the time interval of each bus. Every 15 minutes, a blue bus passes. Cool. However, I had a more important discovery that afternoon. A white/blue/orange bus with Aeropuerto sign on it also passes Avenida Jose Pardo! Increible.

how to commute by bus from miraflores to lima airport

Fast forward to Friday on the day of JC’s arrival. I made it to Avenida Jose Pardo at 4:30pm. Traffic was already bad. There were loads of Faucett buses but I waited for the other one and when I finally flagged the bus with an Aeropuerto sign on it, the driver told me I was on the wrong direction. LOL.

Crossing the street the traffic looked less bad but it meant less bus coming. It’s funny how I hopped on a micro that has an Aeropuerto signboard but was neither blue nor white/blue/orange. I asked the bus conductor if they pass to the airport to which he said yes so I hopped in. It was 4:50pm.

Traffic was so bad in most areas plus the bus kept stopping to get more passengers that it took me an hour and 20 minutes to get to the airport. The bus driver dropped me off in front of the airport. All I had to do was climb and cross the overpass to get to the otherside.

Bus fare: 2.50 soles.

JC’s plane was scheduled to land at 6pm, I arrive at 6:10. I reckoned there’ll still be plenty of time before he gets out but 5 minutes after my arrival I saw him wheeling his cart and scanning the crowd looking for me. :))

bus from lima airport to miraflores

Going back to Miraflores, JC and I took the Faucett bus. It’s bigger, roomier, and newer. Traffic wasn’t as bad going back. When we got off at Miraflores, we took a cab to where I was staying (Avenida Pierola in Barranco district).

bus from lima airport to miraflores

Taxi cost: 10 soles. 

mac n cheese reunited in Lima, Peru


In total, I only paid 17.50 soles for us both. Normal rate of airport taxis going to Miraflores ranges between 60 – 70 s0les or ~$17 – 21. That’s a lot of Soles saved!

Welcome back to South America, JC!

how to commute from Miraflores to Lima International Airport
First meal in Lima, chifa! LOL.

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  1. Hannah says: Reply

    Hi! We also tried to find info online on the public bus to Lima airport and kept reading it is too dangerous and to take a taxi. However this morning we took a collectivo from Barranco parque to Mira Flores for s.1.20 then hopped on one of the public vans going to FAUCETT. We waited about 2 seconds. It cost s.3 each. It was very easy. They dropped us right at the airport (the conductor shouts airport several times before arriving). The stop is next to a busy overpass/walkway which we crossed then it was 5 metres to the airport complex. Thanks for putting this information out there. Also we weren’t charged for our medium sized backpacks but we were told sometimes you may have to buy a ticket for your backpack.

    1. Hi Hannah!
      Thanks for that additional info, Hannah! Merely a 50-cent soles difference from the bus then. Anyway, I believe we were dropped on the same spot and that all buses/vans passing through Faucett passes airport. It’s not really that complicated, eh. Plus it’s really quite safe.

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